At any given time, hundreds of employees in cleared organizations may be travelling for assignment or recreational purposes throughout the United States and around the world. Not only is it the job of Facility Security Officers (FSOs) to review foreign and domestic travel requests ahead of time, but they must also keep track of an employee’s status and activities no matter where they are.

Disaster Events

Today, terrorist attacks, earthquakes, wildfires and other disaster events can threaten employees outside their organization. In the immediate aftermath, it is critical for FSOs to ensure that personnel in the affected area are safe. But – in some cases – getting in touch can take days, and when multiple individuals are involved, FSOs need a simple way to reach out.

In the latest version of Portal Commander, FSOs, supervisors and executives with the right permissions can easily reach out to hundreds of cleared personnel through the “Welfare Check” function, and employees can respond through multiple channels with a single click or tap. Here’s how:

Sending a Welfare Check in Portal Commander

  1. From the dashboard in Portal Commander, select “FSO Oversight” in the left menu.
  2. Under FSO Oversight, navigate to “Welfare Check”.
  3. Through the personnel search screen, individuals can be selected with the following search criteria:
    1. First or last name
    2. Employee number
    3. Social security number
    4. Facility code
    5. Continuous Evaluations status
      …and more.
  4. View the status of existing welfare checks, or send a new one


Responding to a Welfare Check

When FSOs send a welfare check, employees will be notified by email or text with a link. Clicking on the link will give them an option to respond without logging into Portal Commander.

They can also:

  1. Login to Portal Commander from a PC or mobile device
  2. Find the welfare check under “pending actions”
  3. Click “Action” next to the welfare check to select a response


Keeping Your Employees Safe

In a disaster situation, there may not be time to write a text message or take a phone call. The Welfare Check feature in Portal Commander provides FSOs with a simple communication mechanism that instantly reaches all the cleared personnel in an affected area and allows them to safely respond as soon as they are out of harm’s way.

Get More Done with Portal Commander™

With easy access to personnel information, key metrics and task management features, Portal Commander™ is a comprehensive security platform that provides FSOs with a simplifies overview of their organization and employees.

Save time, optimize workflows and keep your organization safer:  Request a free demo today!

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