access commander fso software
access commander fso software

Inside the Module: Property Management

Whether your company leases government property or is required to track goods for contract purposes, keeping track of model numbers, barcodes, and serial numbers can quickly turn into an organizational nightmare. You need to know who has what, when it was inspected, and how much it cost in order to maintain a system that holds employees accountable, controls costs, and preserves your company’s contract compliance.

The Property Management module within Access Commander gives you complete property oversight. Inventory and expiration dates can be set as reminders so that you’re never behind schedule, and placement categories allow you to record precisely where every important item is currently located – or permanently belongs.

The module is separated into three unique sections: property, decals, and locks and keys. With this information, you’ll always know if a decal is on the correct vehicle or whether or not a particular lock is classified. And thanks to the integrative nature of the Access Commander modules, property details will be linked to contract data and any associated documents for effortless searches and connections.

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Easy Tracking

Never wonder about the properties of an asset.

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Clear Ownership

Know who is responsible for an item – and who can access it.

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Timely Notifications

Receive convenient emails reminding you of important follow-up dates.

If you are looking for a comprehensive property management solution and would like to see how Access Commander can simplify your security program, request your free demo today!

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