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The Industry’s #1 Enterprise Security Platform

The Enterprise Security Suite is made up of our three Commander® series products. It is the most comprehensive platform for security management professionals; the de-facto, industry standard platform for robust, scalable and customizable security compliance.


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On-Premise or In the Cloud

MathCraft solutions are available both on-premise or in the cloud.

Cloud implementations allow authorized users to manage every security function in the enterprise from anywhere in the world with secure, FedRAMP-compliant architecture that protects the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) of your organization and employees.

On-premises implementations allow the option for in-house software management.

Three Tools, One Security Suite

The Enterprise Security Suite is made up of our three Commander® series products. It is the most comprehensive platform available to security management professionals.

FSO Software, Security information management software in the cloud
Organize Your Security Strategy: the all-in-one solution for FSOs, Access Commander® gives facility security professionals everything they need to stay accountable and organized, view and approve visit requests, track personnel, generate ad-hoc reports, and so much more.
FSO Management Software, FSO Software, Incident Management

Empower Your Employees:  the ultimate employee security portal, Portal Commander™ gives employees self-service abilities and executives a comprehensive overview of their people and processes. Track, manage and push tasks to completion with approval workflows.

FSO Software, NISPOM compliant

Control Your Visitor Process:  with role-based dashboards, ViSi Commander™ allows reception, FSOs, and employees to work together to optimize the visitor management process across their lobbies and cleared facilities. Complete with pre-registration, check-in and check-out features, ViSi Commander™ has everything you need to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive locations.

Take Control of Your Security Program

Empower your security professionals by providing them with the best of the best. With the integrated capabilities of Access Commander®, ViSi Commander™ and Portal Commander™, your security team will have the tools they need right at their fingertips! Oversee visitors, automate procedures, and maintain compliance, with powerful analytics and information readily available 24/7, with our Enterprise Security Suite solutions.


Enterprise Security Suite





The Enterprise Security Suite integrates Access Commander, ViSi Commander, and Portal Commander into a combined package of MathCraft Security Technologies, giving you the best practices in the security field. Our package offers a fully-integrated security dashboard for government agencies and military installations alike, providing a comprehensive view of employees, contractors, assets, and visitors.


With the Enterprise Security Suite, all your data is organized into a single, highly-navigable system, offering the best solution to decrease visitor bottlenecks and backend information clutter. Along with its ability to synchronize data from older or legacy systems, the Enterprise Security Suite offers seamless integration and versatility unrivaled by its competitors.


MathCraft Security Technologies offers The Enterprise Security Suite as the ultimate security management umbrella, giving you the best systems to take care of all your security management needs.



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