FSO Spotlight – January 2019 – MathCraft’s Newsletter for Security Professionals

FSO Spotlight: MathCraft’s Newsletter for Security Professionals


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Jan 09, 2019

Vol. 2, Issue 2

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Creating a Positive, Pro-Security Culture

Are the members of your security team the “bad guys” in your organization? Creating the right company culture requires more than the popular “just-in-time” training. Security should be a habit – not a hindrance. Everyone needs to understand the importance of security in everything that you do.


Pentagon to Take Over All Security Clearances in Nine Months, Officials Say: DSS and NBIB have already begun to strategize their merger. Read More

Top Secret and Secret Clearance Processing Times Grow Worse in Q4 2018: Average processing times are up, but there are still signs of improvement. Read More

Warner Debuts Bill to Reduce Security Clearance Backlog: Continuous evaluations may signal the end of periodic reinvestigations. Read More

Agencies Made ‘Significant Progress’ on Insider Threat, but Space is Constantly Evolving, ODNI Says: Perhaps it’s time to shift the focus away from the human element. Read More

Government Contractors Face New Data Breach Disclosure and Investigation Requirements: Expect to see new cybersecurity rules this February. Read More

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 Is the Continuous Evaluation System the Answer?

It seems as though the federal government is banking on a continuous evaluation (CE) system to fix the security clearance backlog. If you haven’t come across it yet in your organization, you will. The government wants every clearance holder in CE, and to prove its determination, 1.2 million individuals have already been enrolled in the system.

CE utilizes data from criminal records and credit bureaus to monitor clearance holders 24/7. As new streams of data become available, the government plans to incorporate them. Even social media has been mentioned as a potential data source.

What does this mean for FSOs? Communication between you and your employees will become critical. Reporting must be nearly instantaneous in a world where the government is always watching.

Is your organization ready?


Complying with the Foreign Travel Requirements of SEAD 3

The third revision of the Security Executive Agent Directive (SEAD), known as SEAD 3, broadens the reporting requirements of cleared personnel who have contact with foreign nationals or travel outside of the United States. It also creates a responsibility to report cleared coworkers who are suspected of non-compliance with the new reporting requirements.

For more details, check out these websites:


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Portal Commander™ Standard, a self-service security platform, can handle everything from foreign travel and visitor requests to insider threats and training management.

The easy-to-navigate portal engages all employees on your contract. Armed with individual logins, employees can track their own requirements and stay on top of necessary procedures.

When you involve employees in the security process, they will not only appreciate its importance – they will recognize its value.

MathCraft Security Technologies, Inc. is the leading provider of innovative software and technologies for Industrial Security professionals. Our tools are compliant with NISPOM Change 2, and they are available on-premises or in the cloud. Contact us today to see how our products can transform your security operations!

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