FSO Spotlight – 2nd Quarter 2019 – MathCraft’s Newsletter for Security Professionals

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FSO Spotlight: MathCraft’s Newsletter for Security Professionals

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2nd Quarter, 2019



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NBIB prepping people, contracts and IT ahead of security clearance transfer to DoD – In April, the President signed an executive order transferring clearance functions from the OPM to DoD.  Read More

How NBIB slashed the security clearance backlog by 300,000 in nearly a year – 2018 was a frantic year for the NBIB as it fought to bring America’s clearance backlog to a historic low; here’s how they did it.  Read More

Security Clearance Case Management Clawing Its Way Out of the 1980s – Ahead of the clearance transfer, this week the DoD awarded a $75 million contract for an updated case management system.  Read More

Will the U.S. government draft cybersecurity professionals? –  a congressional commission may recommend drafting cybersecurity professionals through selective service; outrage ensues. Read More

Ex-CIA Man Gets 20 Years for Handing China Secrets –  Ex-CIA employee Kevin Mallory is charged with handing sensitive documents to Chinese agents, drawing attention to inside threats. Read More


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fso software


New in Access Commander 4.0

Full details of the upcoming Access Commander update will be unveiled later this summer. In the meantime, here’s a sneak peak at new functionality:

  • – Suspicious contact reporting
  • – Insider Threat Dashboard
  • – Enhanced User Profile Management
  • – Foreign Ownership, Control or Influence (FOCI) module

With new and completely overhauled modules, we’ve revolutionized the FSO workflow all over again.

Will NBIB Transfer Fix Clearance Backlog? – In the executive order signed last month, no rationale was provided for dissolving the OPM and merging its functions with other agencies. But the industry has anticipated this move sine the DoD pressured congress to make it last year, leading many to speculate that the development is meant to reduce the 459,000 cases in the clearance backlog.

It has long been proposed that machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI) and modern data infrastructure could expedite the clearance process. Earlier this year, the DoD unveiled a new AI strategy, suggesting that these proposals could finally become a reality. But with limited information about the DoD’s acquisition strategy – until October – only time will tell.

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Concerned about the clearance backlog? While a new case management system is almost certainly on the horizon, your organization can do its part to expedite clearance processing in the meantime.

Complacency in the reporting process trickles up. Incomplete information, delayed submissions and poor training can prevent your employees, contractors and partners from getting their clearance fast.

Check out our blog post 9 Tips for Improving the Clearance Process to learn how you can help reform America’s clearance process.

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Under SEAD 3, cleared individuals are required to file self-reports for a wider range of events, including:

  • – “Continuing association” with any foreign national which, according to the ODNI, can extend to social media contacts.
  • – Adoption of non-U.S citizen children
  • – New cohabitants (such as room, housemates or significant others)
  • – Treatment for a drug or alcohol-related issues
  • – Any travel to a foreign country with full itinerary

The Foreign Travel module in Mathcraft’s Access Commander leaves nothing out, enabling you to fully comply with SEAD 3’s extensive reporting requirements more easily.

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We’d like to congratulate the winner of our drawing at the 55th Annual NCMS Training Seminar drawing last week, Jesselyn Auger of Microwave Development Laboratories, Inc! She is the proud new owner of an Apple Watch!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth and entered to win!

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