MathCraft Acronym Key

A&A – Assessment and Authorization

AAC – Activity Address Code

ACCM – Alternative Compensatory Control Measures

AFSO – Assistant Facility Security Officer

AIN – Agency Identification Number

ANACI – Advance National Agency Check with Inquiries

ANSI – American National Standards Institute

BPM – Business Process Management

CAC – Common Access Card

CAF – Central Adjudication Facility

CAP – Controlled Access Programs

CAPCO – Controlled Access Program Coordinating Office

CDSE – Center for Development of Security Excellence

CI – Counterintelligence

CII – Critical Infrastructure Information

CNWDI – Critical Nuclear Weapon Design Information

COMSEC – Communications Security

COR – Contract Representative

COTR – Approval Date

CSA – Cognizant Security Agency

CSO – Cognizant Security Office

CSSO – Contractor Special Security Officer

CUI – Controlled Unclassified Information

DCII – Defense Clearance and Investigative Index

DCS – Defense Courier Services

DDD254 – Department of Defense Form 254  

DGR – Designated Government Representative

DHS – Department of Homeland Security

DIS – Defense Investigative Service

DISCO – Defense Industrial Security Clearance Office

DISS – Defense Information Security System

DoD – Department of Defense

DOHA – Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals

DNI – Director of National Intelligence

DSS – Defense Security Service

DTIC – Defense Technical Information Center

EO – Executive Order

eMASS – Enterprise Mission Assurance Support Service

e-QIP – Electronic Questionnaire for Investigations Processing

ESS – Expanded Scope Screening

FCL – Facility Security Clearance

FGI – Foreign Government Information

FOCI – Foreign Ownership, Control or Influence

FOUO – For Official Use Only

FSO – Facility Security Officer

FSP – Full-Scope Polygraph

GCA – Government Contracting Activity

GSA – General Services Agency

INFOSEC – Information Security

ISP – Industrial Security Professional

ITAR – International Traffic in Arms Regulation

ITPSO – Insider Threat Program Senior Official

ITSMO – Insider Threat Senior Management Official

JPAS – Joint Personnel Adjudication System

KMP – Key Management Personnel

LAA – Limited Access Authorization

LMS – Learning Management System

MARS – Mergers, Acquisitions, Reorganizations, and Spin-offs/Splits

MBI – Moderate Risk Background investigation

MISWG – Multinational Industrial Security Working Group

NAC – National Agency Check

NACLC – National Agency Check with Law and Credit

NATO – North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

NBIB – National Background Investigations Bureau

NCCS – NISP Contracts Classification System

NCMS – National Classification Management Society

NID – National Interests Determination

NISP – National Industrial Security Program

NISPOM – National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual

NDA – Non Disclosure Agreement

OPM – Office of Personnel Management

OPSEC – Operations Security

PCII – Protected Critical Infrastructure Information

PCL – Personnel Security Clearance

PII – Personally Identifiable Information

PIV – Personal Identity Verification

POC – Point of Contact

PoP – Period of Performance

PR – Periodic Reinvestigation

PPR – Phased Periodic Reinvestigation

PSI – Personnel Security Investigation

PSMO-I – Personnel Security Management Office for Industry

RD – Restricted Data

RMF – Risk Management Framework

RRU – Research Re-Certify Upgrade

SAP – Special Access Program

SAPF – Special Access Program Facility

SAR – Special Access Requirements

SCI – Sensitive Compartmented Information

SCIF – Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility

SCR – Suspicious Contact Report

SII – Security and Investigations Index

SIOP-ESI – Single Integrated Operational Plan – Extremely Sensitive Information

SMO – Senior Management Official

SSBI – Single Scope Background Investigation

SSI – Sensitive Security Information

SSN – Social Security Number

SPP – Standard Practice Procedure

STEP  Security Training Exercise Program

TCP – Technology Control Plan

TEMPEST – Transient Electromagnetic Pulse Emanation Surveillance Technology

TS – Top Secret


MathCraft Security Technologies offers a robust product line of NISPOM-compliant security applications for cleared contracts and enterprises. Our solutions are carefully engineered to improve security processes, giving Facility Security Officers (FSOs), employees and management the comprehensive tools that they need to manage data, monitor visitors, and automate workflows. For ultimate convenience, they are also available on-premises or via the cloud. Contact us for more information!

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