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The Industry's #1 Security Platform

MathCraft’s Enterprise Security Suite of Commander® products is the industry’s most comprehensive platform for security management professionals.

Our products integrate to provide a robust, scalable and customizable solution, that’s got your security compliance needs covered:

  • Security Management for DoD, SAP/SAR and SCI Programs
  • Employee Self-Service Platform
  • Visitor Management for Cleared Facilities

Enterprise Security Suite

The Enterprise Security Suite is made up of our three Commander® series products. It is the most comprehensive platform for security management professionals; the de-facto, industry standard platform for robust, scalable and customizable security compliance.
  • Protect your organization from insider threats and suspicious contacts
  • View integrated data with intuitive drill-down for easy analysis
  • Create customizable, dynamically generated ad-hoc reports
  • Build efficiencies and drive tasks to completion with Business Process Management (BPM) features
  • Provide self-service reporting features to cleared personnel

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Enterprise Security Management Software for DoD, SAP/SAR, and SCI Programs

MathCraft Security Technologies is the leading provider of innovative software for today’s security professionals. These Facility Security Officers (FSOs) are tasked with safeguarding our nation’s most sensitive information in accordance with the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM). It is our mission to provide the tools necessary for FSOs to comprehensively manage security tasks while maintaining compliance.

In line with the DCSA’s mission to protect organizations from insider threats, foreign surveillance, and much more, we help our clients move beyond the “checkbox approach” to security with NISPOM-compliant protection that offers real-time insight into the threats that really matter.

We work with government and corporate organizations of all sizes to streamline operations, empowering security officers by maximizing productivity and efficiency. We are a trusted partner with the industrial security community; our solutions save time, reduce costs, and minimize risks.


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FSO Management Software, FSO Software

Comprehensive Employee Self-Service Platform

Portal Commander™ is an employee self-service portal with a comprehensive, dashboard-driven platform for managing security processes, providing Access Commander® data visibility to all employees. Portal Commander does more than streamline security processes; it also:
  • Empowers employees to engage in security operations
  • Frees up FSOs for higher value-added tasks
  • Automates workflow processes
  • Provides extensive Dashboards and Metrics
  • Expands to meet customer requirements


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FSO Software, NISPOM compliant

Visitor Management Solution for Cleared Facilities

ViSi Commander™ brings together the security professionals in your organization – from reception to FSOs and other cleared employees – and allows them to optimize your visitor management process by working within the same system to find out who is in their facility at any time, with detailed data for check-ins, check-outs and expected arrivals.

ViSi Commander™ is integrated with Access Commander®, allowing employee information to be located quickly. ViSi Commander™ can comprehensively govern your visitor management process by answering the most important questions an FSO cares about: “who” is in your facility, “why” are they there, and “where” will they be?


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