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Visitor Management Solution for Cleared Facilities

ViSi Commander™ brings together the security professionals in your organization – from reception to FSOs and other cleared employees – and allows them to optimize your visitor management process by working within the same system. As the industry standard for visitor management software, ViSi Commander™ will provide you:
  • Compliance – replace vulnerable logbooks and physical records with secure and accountable processes. ViSi Commander™ is NISPOM, FOCI and ITAR compliant.
  • Protection - scan government-issued identification cards, collect signatures, and print badges all within the same, easy-to-navigate interface.
  • Proficiency - a smooth, automated registration process makes your guests feel welcome, signaling that your organization is prepared and professional. A great first impression for important guests!


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On-Premise or In the Cloud

Visi Commander™ is available both on-premise or in the cloud.

Cloud implementations allow authorized users to manage every security function in the enterprise from anywhere in the world with secure, FedRAMP-compliant architecture that protects the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) of your organization and employees.

On-premises implementations allow the option for in-house software management.

A Comprehensive Solution for Preventing Unauthorized Access

ViSi Commander™ not only contains extensive pre-registration capabilities, approval workflows, role-based dashboards and more. It also works with the following optional devices:
  • ID Scanner
  • Signature Pad
  • Badge Printer

A State-of-the-Art Solution for Visitor Control

Take control of your lobbies with ViSi Commander™, a state-of-the-art visitor management solution specifically designed for cleared facilities, domestic or abroad. With a module-based, intuitive interface built for NISPOM compliance, ViSi Commander™ has everything you need:
  • Visitor Preregistration
  • Check-in and check-out made easy
  • Role-based dashboards for FSOs and reception
  • Reports with data visualization features
  • Workflow approvals for Foreign Nationals, Classified Visits, ITAR, Watchlist, Equipment and Government agency visits
  • Recurring visits and meetings
  • Collect Guest Info & Signatures
  • Robust Email Notifications
  • Multiple Location Integration Capability
  • Integrates with Access Commander®

Always Know Who is in Your Facilities

With ViSi Commander™, reception and FSOs can find out who is in their facility at any time, with detailed data for check-ins, check-outs and expected arrivals. For in-depth searches, users can filter guests by properties like classification status, nationality and more. Since ViSi Commander is integrated with Access Commander®, employee information can be located quickly. 

ViSi Commander™ can comprehensively govern your visitor management process by answering the most important questions an FSO cares about: “who” is in your facility, “why” are they there, and “where” will they be?

Stay informed! Retain oversight! Keep your doors open and your assets safe: we’ll show you how.

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